City Aquarium X


Since 1998, City Aquarium has been creating custom aquariums and installations that are works of art. City Aquarium has the distinction of working with interior and furniture designers, architects, sculptors, and marine biologists. City Aquarium's aquaria and water pools are organic installations of water, light, space, and life. City Aquarium specializes in original, site-specific custom aquariums and installations that reflect the clients' imaginative choices. Other special projects include glass bottom pools, experimental water features, museum grade acrylic furniture, and other glass and acrylic fabrications.

The City Aquarium team has created residential, commercial, and artistic installations all over the world. Its diversity of client's include New York's Majestic "Dream" Hotel, hedge fund developers, well-appointed residences, world-class museums, artists Tony Oursler and Ryan McGinness, and the Honda Corporation.

The City Aquarium distinction comes from its faith in utilizing the wealth of materials, aesthetic expressions, and artistic talents that exist throughout the world. City Aquarium does not provide "in-house," turnkey solutions that we believe limit our clients' choices.

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