City Aquarium X

Bass Tank for New-York Historical Society


For the New-York Historical Society Museum's s new exhibit, "Hudson Rising", City Aquarium designed and installed a 350-gallon aquarium. Meant to emulate the estuaries of the local Hudson River, the tank features custom artificial rockwork with an oyster reef. The stars of the tank are the Striped Bass, Morone saxatilis, which City Aquarium obtained from an aquaculture facilty on Long Island. More species will be added throughout the duration of the exhibit.

Here's more info on the exhibit and its purpose, taken from the NY Historical Society's website:

Hudson Rising explores two centuries of ecological change, artistic imagination, and environmental thinking along what one writer called, “the most interesting river in America.” This comprehensive exhibition, rich in art, artifacts, and stories, evokes beloved Hudson River landscapes and weaves together 200 years of history.