City Aquarium X

Bloomberg LP

For Bloomberg's new tech office in San Francisco, City Aquarium installed our sleekest project yet: a 1,100-gallon Stingray aquarium.

The installation is comprised of an engineered site-specific steel base with black steel panels; a rimless prism acrylic aquarium with 2" thick panels completely fabricated and bonded on site. The underwater habitat structures or glass islands were hand-blown by glass artist Ivan Mora at Glow Glass studio in Oakland. The black onyx islands provide natural and sculptural covers for internal plumbing and mechanics. The substrate is black volcanic sand from the Hawaiian Islands. 

The Cortez Ray is found in warm temperate waters of the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Baja California. The rays are venomous, and active day foragers and their natural diet is comprised of mollusks and crustaceans. 

The lighting we used for the tank is a single 100w LED cannon, and it is installed above the aquarium. The tank also gets ambient light form the LED light volume created and installed by Obscura Digital.